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I'm Dmitry Filippov and I'm a product management and marketing expert living in Berlin, Germany. I’m passionate about building and marketing software solutions that satisfy people’s needs and achieve product/market fit. I have extensive experience for over ten years across product management, product marketing and software development in organizations of different sizes. I love to focus on problem-solving with measurable outcomes.

Jan 2023 – PRESENT
VP of Product
Kuda Bank

Kuda is a fully licensed and regulated microfinance bank in Nigeria bringing digital innovation to the developing market and transforming the way people use money.

Our mission here at Kuda is to bring accessible, affordable, and rewarding banking experiences to people living in Africa and the African diaspora living abroad.

Nov 2020 – Jan 2023
Director of Product

Our mission here at Chipper is to unlock global opportunities and connect Africa, one transaction at a time. Every day we're chipping away at the huge challenge of moving money freely across oceans and Africa. We’re lowering barriers to payments like never before and unlocking new opportunities for our customers.

I lead teams across Africa, US, Europe and Latin America to build innovative, well-designed products for customers.

Sep 2019 – Jan 2021
Bank API Group Product Manager

Leading the Bank API group: PSD2 Open Banking initiative, Multi-Banking, Custom integrations and APIs.

* Official main tech contact with BaFin (German Financial Authority)

* Member of the PSD2 Berlin Group standartization initiative

Jan 2019 – Sep 2019
Head of Business Analysis and Automation

Leading the company-wide customer retention initiative and marketing/sales collaboration: identifying main reasons for customer churn and contractions to improve processes targeting customer/user retention growth in a data-driven way. Active collaboration with the sales department on retention growth initiatives and accurate reporting with custom dashboards.

Sep 2016 – Jan 2019
Senior Product Manager

Leading product management activities related to the PyCharm project: Python developers market research; competitor analysis and technology research; helping with product development roadmaps; supporting developers with usability research, user interviews and surveys; coordinating various release activities and making sure deadlines are met; helping with QA and tech support; product documentation improvements; product-oriented content creation and coordination of a dedicated team: a dev advocate, a product marketing manager and a tech writer.

Jan 2013 – Sep 2016
Product Marketing Manager

Leading product marketing activities related to the PyCharm project: user feedback analysis; new features highlights and promotions; running the product website, blog and social media; communication and coordination with other internal teams; planning, scheduling, and authoring of product-related materials; preparing and leading public appearances (conferences, trade shows, customer visits); product/company-related partnerships; product and marketing experimentation: coming up with ideas for improvements in various parts of the project; setting up metrics and tests; experimenting with existing and new ways of getting new users through changes in the product, partnerships, bundles, and special promotions.

May 2011 – Jan 2013
Software Developer, QA lead

Being responsible for Oracle VM/Oracle Linux cross-project development and QA, I enhanced Oracle VM documentation, developed test plans and a set of automated tests to ensure Oracle Linux runs smoothly as guest OS on Oracle VM Server. Created automated scripts to deploy Oracle VM server and Oracle Linux as guest OS on new builds arrival and developed scripts for running tests.

Feb 2007 – May 2011
Software Developer
Astronautics Corporation of America

As part of the development and QA teams successfully finished three projects: EFB for Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and the Nexus platform - created numerous software requirements (based on Linux man pages) and test plans; wrote numerous automated tests in C and Bash; participated in Linux kernel reduction and modification.

2004 - 2010
Baltic State Technical University
St. Petersburg, Russia

Master of Engineering / Master of Technology (Computer Engineering)

Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Russian
  • German

Software development: 10+ years
Product Management: 6+ years
Product Marketing: 6+ years


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