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Prioritization in Product Management

Product prioritization is one of the toughest parts of product management. At any given time, Product Managers deal with multiple conflicting requests from teams across the company. Which features and experiences should be built next? Which should be cut? Should you listen to higher-ups, directly to customers, or to prospects? Everyone has needs, and as the one making decisions, it’s hard to please everybody.Prioritization must be a disciplined process of …
Lessons for Product Leaders - Shishir Mehrotra.png

Lessons for Product Leaders - Shishir Mehrotra

When Larry Page took over as the CEO of Google in 2011, he split the company into eight divisions based on business operations instead of functional. Shishir headed the Youtube division. While this decision allowed everyone to move a lot faster, there were some issues that they noticed. One of them was how to evaluate promotions with the new setup.


Interview after launching Python Fundraiser 2019

Everybody participating in Python Fundraiser 2019 makes an impact on the Python future!